The Goblin Copter is a flying creature that was added with the Part 4: Sky City DLC for the PC released July 10th 2012. Goblin Copters fly above traditional defenses, directly along a set path towards a predefined drop-off location. They possess the unique ability of airlifting ogres over hero defenses. A copter's arrival is announced to all players in yellow text.


Like Wyverns, Goblin Copters have their own spawn locations which they may share with wyverns. They do not spawn on maps that lack wyverns. Copters come in already loaded with an ogre. These ogres are considerably stronger than regular ogres and are invulnerable until dropped off. Copters do NOT pick up ogres off the ground after they have dropped one off.

While flying to a location to drop their ogre, the Goblin Copter will occasionally shoot off a flare that distracts non-minion ranged towers. The towers will target the flare instead of the copter. Minions are not distracted by the flares. Once the copter has dropped off its ogre, it will proceed to shoot rockets at heroes and defenses. These rockets deal above-average damage that can quickly whittle away at the defenses' and/or heroes' health. The rockets also home in on heroes and defenses, aiming for their "feet."

When a Goblin Copter is destroyed, it makes a distinct robotic sound as it spirals and crashes into the ground. Any heroes or defenses caught in the explosion will be dealt heavy fire damage. If the copter is destroyed before reaching a drop-off zone, its ogre is dropped early. If dropped out of bounds, the Ogre dies instantly; if the Ogre happens to land on solid ground, it will only have a third (1/3) of its max HP.

Neither copters or their Ogres can damage Eternia Crystals in any way.

Strategies and Notes

  • Goblin Copters never spawn on the first wave of any Campaign or Survival mission. This includes whichever wave a Survival run is started on.
  • Destroying Goblin Copters before they manually deploy their ogres can greatly reduce the strain the copter ogres put on physical defenses.
  • Towers firing at Goblin Copters as soon as they spawn can kill the copter before they begin firing flares. Deadly Striker Towers or Harpoon Turrets with a large Defense Range set on the edge of the map can accomplish this.
  • Archer and Mage Minions ignore copter flares, allowing them to always target the aircraft directly.
  • Goblin Copters can never have an elemental affinity.
  • Ethereal Spike Traps also ignore flares. They can deal heavy damage to ogre-loaded copters, as long as no other enemies are closer to the trap's center than the copter.
    • However, it appears that Goblin Copters will try to unload over solid ground, before they are directly above a spike trap.
  • Ensnare Auras can slow down copters to give towers more time to destroy them before manually dropping their ogres. Ensnared copters also fire flares and rockets less frequently.
  • Reflection Beams are an excellent way to block damage from rockets fired by Goblin Copters and can grounded enemies back for massive damage. Beware of rockets coming at narrow angles though, as they can sneak underneath reflectors.
  • When firing rockets, copters stay stationary in the air at about jump height. This gives both melee and ranged heroes an opportunity to take them out before they cause significant damage to defenses.


  • Ogres spawned with Goblin Copters wear bomber hats. The bomber hat ogres wear has one goggle for their single eye.
  • The total number of enemies per wave count both the Goblin Copter and the ogre it carries as separate enemies.



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