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The Goblin Mech is the second boss of the original Dungeon Defenders campaign. It is encountered in The Throne Room where it always spawns at the far end of the blue-carpeted west side.


The Goblin Mech is a massive robot piloted by a goblin. The blades of this boss are built right into the hands of the beast. A distinct feature of this beast is its large metal grated jaw.


The Goblin Mech moves very slowly towards the central intersection of the room. It periodically launches rockets that home in on heroes. Its main attack while at melee-range is a spin, an imitation of the Squire's Circular Slice. The mech will physically push aside any physical defenses (including minions) that get in its way. While the cow catcher moves a Slice N Dice Blockade, the mech will not take damage from the tower's spinning blades.

The backside of the mech is its weakness. If a player attacks it from behind, the hatch will eventually open up. This causes the boss to take double damage until it closes again.


  • Any damage dealt to the Goblin Mech by a defense is reduced by 75%. For example, a Deadly Striker Tower that would normally to 10,000 damage only does 2,500 damage to the Goblin Mech. Hero Damage is not reduced, however, making DPS characters a valuable asset against the Goblin Mech.
  • The Goblin Mech can tear through your defenses very quickly. It is advised to keep him away from your main defense to minimize damage taken by your defenses.

DD - Goblin Mecha Boss