The second boss in Dungeon Defenders is the Goblin Mech. Like all bosses, the Goblin Mech has a weakness. By having one player distract the Goblin Mech, another player can attack it from behind. When the gate behind the Goblin Mech opens up, the Goblin Mech will take double damage. The Goblin Mech is encountered in The Throne Room and in the Crystal Dimension. He always spawns on the left (Blue side) of The Throne Room.


The Goblin Mech looks like the name sounds - a massive robot piloted by a goblin. The blades of this boss are built right into the hands of the beast. A common attack of his is spinning in a circle imitating a Squire's tower or Circular Slice attack. A distinct feature of this beast is his large metal grated jaw.

Any defenses that are not a Huntress trap or a Monk aura will be pushed out of the way by the cow catcher at the front of the mech. While the cow catcher moves the Slice N Dice Blockade, the mech will not take damage from the moving blades.


  • Any damage dealt to the Goblin Mech by a defense is reduced by 75%. For example, a Deadly Striker Tower that would normally to 10,000 damage only does 2,500 damage to the Goblin Mech. Hero Damage is not reduced, however, making DPS characters a valuable asset against the Goblin Mech.
  • The Goblin Mech can kill defenses very quickly. It is advised to keep him away from your main defense to minimize damage taken by your defenses.
DD - Goblin Mecha Boss

DD - Goblin Mecha Boss

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