The Harbinger
Attack: Electric Laser Beams, Lightning Ball Barrage
Special: Deals Heavy Damage To Heroes, launches long ranged attacks against defenses
Introduced: Patch 8.2
The Harbinger is an ethereal enemy that was added in Patch 8.2, making its debut in Embermount Volcano.

These ghostly enemies possess electrical beam attacks that deal very high amounts of damage to heroes. However, these attacks don't seem to target defenses, so maintain your distance when they appear.

Harbingers will keep their distance from whatever they are targeting and prepare a 4 lightning ball barrage which takes them about 7 seconds to prepare and 4 to fire, they will often be out of reach of most defenses par defenses like a Deadly Striker Tower. These lightning balls are not affected by a Reflection Beam and deal splash electric damage where they hit and are launched a slight arc as they are affected by gravity. (Can someone confirm if these deal only 1/10 to defenses?)

On top of all that, they are naturally electric resistant and will require a Darkness Trap or Strength Drain Aura to be effected by such attacks, they possess a very large health pool that can even sometimes rival Ogres.

Like the Djinn, Sharken, and Goblin Copters, this enemy is announced when they spawn. Unlike these enemies, Harbingers do not appear in other maps on Nightmare difficulty.

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