The Harpoon Turret is a large crossbow with a wide range and medium-high damage. Its ability to penetrate enemies makes it a good tower for choke points and intersections.


Tower range determines how far opponents may be before the tower begins firing at them, but once fired the harpoon will travel indefinitely, passing through enemies and crystals, but not through walls.

The Harpoon should often be protected behind a physical barrier such as the Bouncer Blockade or preferable a Spike Blockade to keep monsters at a distance.

Upgrade Table

Level Health Damage Attack Rate (sec) Attack Range Mana To Upgrade
Base 100000 10000000 3.8 10 80
TowerUpgraded 1 732 164 2.56 12.21 100
TowerUpgraded 2 1044 253 2.02 13.91 200
TowerUpgraded 3 1570 415 1.55 16.14 400
TowerUpgraded 4 2145 608 1.26 18.07 700
TowerUpgraded 5 2797 841 1.06 19.88 1220
  • Upgrading a hero defense increases its damage by 10% each level, and its health, aura lifespan or trap detonation charge number by 20% each level. (A level 5 defense will deal 50% more damage and have 100% more health than an un-upgraded defense).
  • On the other hand, upgrading a hero defense will mean that it acts as if the Hero has a higher Defense Area of Effect and Defense Attack Rate. A level 1 turret has a bonus of 2 to all stats, while a level 5 turret has a bonus of 36 to all stats.
  • While the hero who summoned the tower is active, damage is increased by 33% (PC).
  • Current as of PC version: 7.36c.



  • 7.29: Changed Harpoon Tower to aim at center-of-target, rather than with an aim-offset, resolving harpoon missing case
  • 7.17d: Fixed Harpoons spawn height offset which caused them to sail over the heads of short enemies.
  • 7.17c: Harpoon Projectile Collision Height restored to previous value.
  • 7.17b:
    • All Projectile Target leading has been improved to incorporate Z-height changes into its leading calculations (e.g. on stairs/ramps)
    • All Towers except Deadly Striker now do line-of-sight tracking/targeting checks, no more tracking/shooting into walls (yay for Harpoons).
    • Increased Harpoon Turret Projectile Speed by 33%, and made Harpoon Turret turn 15% faster
  • 7.16: All Squire Towers HP buffed by 60% in NM, Harpoon Turret rotate speed increased by 40%.
  • 7.07:
    • Attack Rate now scales correctly on Harpoon Turret, now can fire multiple times per second etc.
    • Harpoon projectile flight speed increased by 20%.
    • Damage Ramp increased by 10%.
    • Harpoon Tower cost reduced from 6 to 5 DU's.
    • Harpoon Turrets now prioritize air targets higher than ground targets.
  • 7.06b:
    • Increased Squire Tower DPS by 30% from 7.06
    • Increased Squire Harpoon HP ramps by 25%
  • 7.06:
    • Harpoon damage reduced by about 33% and attack rate reduced by about 25%
    • Harpoon projectiles now limited to 12 hits before breaking.

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