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Hawk Stance

Upon activation a hawk will appear beside for a moment before flying away


Hawk stance is affected by the 2nd Ability stat

The Barbarian's Hawk Stance is unlocked at level 25. This ability costs a flat 120 mana and once activated his next melee attack will deal massive damage, using both weapons simultaneously. Afterwards, the Barbarian cannot attack or activate any other stances for 2 seconds, followed by a 2-second cooldown before it can be used again.


  • If you activate Hawk Stance and are hit with a spider web before you are able to use the attack you lose the attack and mana spent (unless you also have Turtle Stance active).
  • You cannot combine Hawk Stance and another ability such as Battle Leap in an attempt to make the ability do more damage.
  • Any single ability activated BEFORE using the Hawk Stance attack will remain active as long as you have the mana to keep it running. However, as the barbarian can only use two stances at once, using Hawk Stance while two other stances are active will override the one activated first.
  • While the other stances benefit from gear that would normally increase a player's tower stats, Hawk Stance takes the place of Ability #2 on gear.
  • The damage dealt by Hawk Stance scales with the physical damage of the weapons, making hammers and other high-damage weapons very effective with this stance.
  • The massive burst damage of this ability can reduce the number of attack cycles required defeat certain bosses, such as the Genie King, Kraken, and Goblin Battlecruiser.



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