Hero Stats Guide + Weapons

There are two types of hero stats tower and Dps.

Tower Stats 

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Kobold on treadmill 1/60 Ul

Tower stats requires armour for large amounts such as this photo

You can farm armour on mistymire forest on insane past wave 5 (without collecting any chest) when it saids "Wave 6" you want to loot the chest then you get rares (higher diffculties more rares) the points are mostly spend on damage and health but Fire rate is also a good one you should max that out so your towers fight fast and kill fast the area of effect i'll get that to 80 its not really useful but needed 80+ 

Use this tutorial for (pc,xbox,ps3) (Armour farming+Weapons) 

Farming tutorial

Farming tutorial

Dps Hero/ Damage hero 

Dps hero is based on the hero stats (damage) the health is need max and the damage stats speed is next casting rate doesn't need much Dps hero Needs a good high damage weapons like this (maxed hero dps wep) when you get a sps (Shot per second) on your weapon you want to upgrade that keeping doing base damage and then when sps can be upgraded do it because you want a faster weapon than a blasticus. Now pets can be used for Dps or stats i use dps because it can attacks with you or when your afk. you want to upgrade the sps mostly (Any hero:animus how to get finsh summit on insane the hero you are get's the hero you are example Squire= Squire animus) the animus are very strong i have a huntress animus which deals 4.6k per shot and shoots really fast means in 20 sec it would have dealed 413k dmg (my one) so raise the dps and sps mostly 

By sakib90


This Pawn Shot on the other hand is very good. Allthough it does not give any Hero HP and has less clip ammo. This is beacuse the reloadspeed is fast and the projectile speed is great.

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