Player Speed
The Hero Speed stat determines how fast the hero will move. Every class has a different base movement speed with the Squire being the slowest and female classes generally moving faster than their male counterparts.


  • Hero speed is functionally capped at 100, any points after that are completely wasted.
  • A Hero Speed stat of 0 will result in your character moving at default speed while a hero speed of 100 will result in your character running twice as fast.
  • A Hero Speed stat < 0 (negative) will also result in your character moving at default speed.


$ \mathrm{BaseSpeed} \cdot (1.0 + \min(\mathrm{HeroSpeed},3) \cdot 0.0125 + \min(\mathrm{HeroSpeed},100) \cdot 0.0096) $

  • The first 3 points add 2.21% to your speed each for a total of 6.63% increase at a hero speed of 3.
  • The remaining 97 points up to 100 hero speed increase your speed by 0.96% each for a total of 99.75% at hero speed 100.
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