Have you found an extra item and wanted to see what you can get for it? Or are you looking for something to aid in your quest? Whether it's Armour, Weapons or Pets, there are always people buying and selling in the forums and through Wiki Shops. You just don't know how to do it? This requires Trading, and trust. And maybe the official IRC channel. Many regular gamers are looking to trade items for mana and a list of user run shops can be found here.

The following section will be relevant until shortly after the Console/PC release as Trendy have confirmed a secure trading system for both the Console, PC and mobile users.[1]


Trading at present is based on trust for both parties, those receiving items and those selling items, after agreeing on a price, and have setup a time to do the trade.

One of the party members will have to start an online game and tell the other person their GameSpy ID*. The Online game you will create will be a private game with password. You will have to tell the other person the password so they may join.

Once you both are in the same private game. Head to the Crystal and hit the Interact button. Tap on the Options near the bottom, and check the "Lock Tavern Item Pickups" box. This will lock any item that is tossed on the floor of the Tavern. Once the item is inspected and confirmed to be the correct item, the buyer can either drop the required amount of mana (in lots of up to 100,000 mana per drop), or they can drop items to equal the value of mana.

This is where it gets tricky. Because Dungeon Defenders does not have a secure trade system, it is possible for items or mana to be stolen. If the buyer or seller posted an item on the Official Forums, and you did not get your item/mana stolen, make a review about your trade in the sellers/buyers Visitors Message of their profile page of the Official Forums.

Quick List

  • Start an online private game using GameSpy, mention your GS ID and password for the game to the other person.
  • Interact with the Crystal to lock Tavern Items. Inspect item.
  • Drop mana or items that have a value to cover the agreed price, unlock items.
  • Post on the sellers/buyers message how pleased (or displeased) you were with the trade.

GameSpy vs Game Center

  • GameSpy allows people to enter/exit at will and does not require an invite.
  • GameSpy allows iOS and Android players to join together.
  • Game Center requires iOS, a friends request has to be sent prior to the game being started.

Chatting during the Trade

We suggest using the IRC channel and sending the other person a message by using /msg nick yourmessage. This sends the other person a private message that will open in a new channel at the top of the browser window. (this is only if you use the webchat). You can now chat privately about your trade.


Do not give anyone your GameSpy Password. This is the password needed to log into GameSpy. It like all other passwords are for your use only.

Secure Trade

TE has announced a Secure Trade system that will be released shortly after the Official Simultaneous Release of Dungeon Defenders. The Console and Mobile version will be patched/updated to include this feature. Date for the patch/update TBA [1]


On the PC version of dungeon defenders, a relatively easy-to-use trade system is included.

To trade with another person, regardless of whether a tavern is locked of item drops or not, do the following:

  1. Look at the person, press activation (default: E) button, a ding noise will be heard and a trade menu will open.
  2. Press Escape.
  3. Go to the item box, click on the item you would like to put in the trade, and press the 'add to trade' button located at the upper right edge of the item box menu.
  4. Exit the item box.
  5. Go to the same person you were currently trading with, press E.
  6. This time, you will see the item in your side of the trade.

Note: Remember that the trade will not happen until both Trade participants press the confirm button (the X) and mark it as a V.


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