This Guide will allow you to make backup copies of your character files, often referred to .dun files on any iOS device that is not jail broken. iPhone Explorer is drag-n-drop meaning you will have to use the mouse to move the files. Currently you cannot import/export your files from iPhone Explorer.

PC Backup

Steps to iOS Backup for the PC

Prep Work

  • Download and install iPhone Explorer.
  • We will use the Desktop as our Backup location. Any location can be used, however. For this guide we'll use the Desktop.

Connecting your Device and Closing iTunes

  • Connect your iOS device to your PC.
  • Close iTunes if it opens or is opened.

Opening iPhone Explorer and Backing up

  • Open iPhone Explorer.
  • Click the + next to Apps. (Double clicking Apps also works)
  • Find and Open com.trendent.dundef.
  • Click and Drag the Documents folder to your Desktop.

Mac Backup

Steps to iOS Backup for the Mac.

  • Connect your iOS device to your Mac.
  • Download and install iPhone Explorer.
  • Open iPhone Explorer.
  • Double Click Apps for your device.
  • Find DunDef and double click.
  • Double click Documents.
  • Click DunDefHeroes.bak, hold Shift, Click DunDefHeroes.dun
  • Click and Drag to your desktop or backup folder.

Restore Backup

This how you make manual backups for your Dungeon Defenders save files. If you ever need to revert to this save file.

  • Follow all steps except the last 2.
  • Select your .bak and .dun file on your PC or Mac.
  • Drag the 2 files from your save location to the Documents Folder in iPhone Explorer.
  • You'll have to move 1 file at a time. Upon entering the game, it will mention that your save file is corrupted and will ask to restore from the backup file. Hit Yes.

Backup Notes

Here lately I've used new folders per backup I do. usually along the lines of DunDef-<date>-<time> (i.e. DunDef-3-1-800pm). I have started to drag-n-drop the Documents folder instead of selecting the .dun and the .bak. It seemed to be easier to drag the one folder (either backup or restore) instead of 2 files.

Also note you can use this method to move your save files from one iOS device (i.e. iPad) to another iOS device (i.e. iPhone).

How to backup Dungeon Defenders on iOS

How to backup Dungeon Defenders on iOS

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