Trained in reconnaissance, the sleek and slender Huntress deploys deadly traps and explosives, but don’t let her physique perplex you. This elegant she‐devil is trained in ranged weaponry and is sure to always hit her mark. Raining down arrows and ammo from above, the enemy never sees her coming.


The Huntress utilizes traps which have a small trigger area inside of a larger area of effect. Placing multiple traps of the same type within the effect radius will cause all traps to detonate simultaneously.

Proximity Mine Trap Proximity Mine Trap ‐ When activated, an explosive blast instantly devastates all nearby enemies. Uses 3 defense units.
Gas Trap Gas Trap ‐ When activated, enemies become engulfed in coughing gas, stunning them for the duration. Poison Immune enemies are not affected. Uses 3 defense units.
Inferno Trap Inferno Trap ‐ When activated, a blazing cloud of fire surrounds enemies and damages them over time. Flame immune enemies are not affected. Uses 4 defense units.
Darkness Trap Darkness Trap ‐ When activated, a cloud of darkness makes enemies lose their current target, and lose any elemental affinity. Uses 3 defense units.
Ethereal Spike Trap Ethereal Spike Trap ‐ When activated, a single enemy is skewered for massive damage. Electric Immune enemies are not affected. Uses 3 defense units.


Piercing Shot Piercing Shot ‐ Unleashes an ethereal arrow that penetrates enemy after enemy, damaging all in its path.
Invisibility Invisibility ‐ You become completely invisible to enemies while active. Mana drain is increased over time.

Weapon Skills

Projectile Speed Repeating Fire ‐ The Huntress’ mechanical weapons shoot repeating projectiles at a high rate of fire, though depleting her loaded ammunition.
Reload Speed Reload ‐ The Huntress can reload her weapon’s ammunition clip manually or whenever her weapon runs out.

Huntress' Costumes

Trivia information

In the game's source code, a hidden function to autocreate characters was made, with 1 class for each class, the name for the huntress class character is "Joshy," found in DunDefHeroManager.uc.


PC Notes

As of PC patch 7.16c, all Huntress Traps now deal 25% more damage on Nightmare difficulty.

Gameplay Trailer

Dungeon Defenders - Huntress Trailer

Dungeon Defenders - Huntress Trailer

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