Inferno Trap
Inferno Trap
The Inferno Trap is a Huntress/Ranger defense. When activated, a blazing cloud of fire surrounds enemies, damaging them over time. This trap does not affect enemies immune to fire.

Multiple Inferno Traps positioned within each other's blast radius will detonate simultaneously and can be used to engulf a huge area in flames.

This trap should ideally be positioned in front of a Proximity Mine and/or Gas Trap. Due to the Inferno Trap's long duration, its lower number of detonations is rarely a problem and can be repaired without urgency. When combined with a Gas Trap, it will work to paralyze all enemies (except Poison Immune, who may still be blocked by the choking foes around it) in the damage radius to inflict maximum damage. When further combined with a Proximity Mine, all Fire Immune foes which will have stacked up due to the Gas Trap will move into the Proximity Mine together as one, making this combination extremely powerful with sufficient trap skills. It also serves to limit the number of detonations on the Proximity Mine to increase its longevity which can be extremely important during long waves or on large maps.

Upgrade Table

Level Number Of Traps Attack Damage Attack Rate(Seconds) Effective Range Effective Duration(Seconds) Activation Range Detonation Reset Time(Seconds) Mana To Upgrade
Base 2 40 1.00 3.75 7.00 1.65 16.65 60
1 3 68 0.75 4.45 9.44 2.02 12.62 100
2 3 94 0.63 4.96 11.43 2.29 10.69 200
3 4 136 0.52 5.63 14.24 2.66 8.88 400
4 5 181 0.45 6.20 16.85 2.98 7.70 700
5 7 230 0.40 6.73 19.43 3.28 6.81 1220
  • Upgrading a hero defense increases its damage by 10% each level, and its health, aura lifespan or trap detonation charge number by 20% each level. (A level 5 defense will deal 50% more damage and have 100% more health than an un-upgraded defense).
  • On the other hand, upgrading a hero defense will mean that it acts as if the Hero has a higher Defense Area of Effect and Defense Attack Rate. A level 1 turret has a bonus of 2 to all stats, while a level 5 turret has a bonus of 36 to all stats.
  • While the hero who summoned the tower is active, damage is increased by 33% (PC).
  • Current as of PC version: 7.36c.


Effective Duration time is determined by the Defense Health stat.

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