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The Infested Ruins is a Lost Quest map. It features Wasps, a flying enemy exclusive to this map.

This map is one of the best locations in the game to farm high-end armor through Nightmare Hardcore Survival (if the player(s) can handle it). In Redux, on the new higher Ascension difficulty, it faces competition with Crystal Cave and Town in the Cliffs.

Boss Fight

Main Article: Wasp Queen

During the final wave of the Campaign, the Wasp Queen will spawn at the northeast corner of the map. Her attacks consist of melee slashes, venom spit and homing stingers; she can also summons Wasps to her aid.



*These weapons can slowdown enemies on-hit:

Survival Pets


  • The Mini Ogres that spawn on this map are colored green on all difficulty levels. They also wear a tiki mask and carry a wooden shield, neither of which reduce damage the Ogres receive.
  • The Harbingers are poison-based instead of lightning-based. They too are colored green on all difficulty levels.
  • Wasps are weak to Lightning Towers in Vanilla and fire damage in Redux. They take 60% reduced damage from defenses otherwise.

Version History

  • CDT Update 7 - Introduced.