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The Initiate hero class is a counterpart to the Monk. It is available as paid downloadable content on Steam. Channeling her aura energies to heal allies and cripple foes, the Initiate is the ultimate team asset.


Ensnare Aura Ensnare Aura ‐ All enemies within this aura become encumbered by their own weight, greatly slowing their movement and attack speed. Uses 3 defense units.
Electric Aura Electric Aura‐ Feeling their souls slowly draining away, all enemies within this aura take damage over time. Uses 5 defense units.
Healing Aura Healing Aura ‐ Within this aura, friends are healed over time. Uses 4 defense units.
Strength Drain Aura Strength Drain Aura ‐ All enemies within this aura deal significantly less damage, and have elemental affinities removed from them. Uses 5 defense units.
Enrage Aura Enrage Aura ‐ All enemies within this aura become blind with rage, attacking and killing one another. Uses 5 defense units.


Enemy Drain
Enemy Drain ‐ Reduces the strength, resistances, and movement speeds of nearby enemies. This is very powerful against Nightmare mode monsters!
Remote Defense Boost
Remote Defense Boost ‐ Enhances the damage, attack rate, and range of ALL the Defenses specifically summoned by any nearby ally heroes.

Weapon Skills

General Damage Melee Combo ‐ The Initiate unleashes a 3‐hit melee combo with each subsequent attack increasing in damage and range.
Number Projectiles Energy Projectile ‐ The Initiate channels some of her chi into her spear, projecting an energy bolt useful for weakening enemies at a distance.

Initiate's Costumes

Promotional Description

A student of the mountain monasteries, the Initiate has joined her counterpart to discover the truth behind her master's demise. While her time in the mountains may have decreased her endurance, her increased spell-casting and movement speeds coupled with powerful radial abilities make her a strong ally. Her Enemy Drain ability allows her to debuff all nearby foes and her Remote Defense Boost ability buffs the defenses of any nearby allies. She will not give up until she discovers the truth behind her master’s disappearance and avenges him! [1]

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