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Invisibility Field
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Invisibility Field is a Ranger ability that is unlocked at level 5. When activated, the Ranger, his nearby teammates and defenses cannot be seen by any creatures except for the Dark Elf Warrior.


Invisibility Field allows a Ranger to build traps, repair towers, or attack without much fear of being targeted. It also prevents the enemies from being able to target any tower or hero inside of the ability aura. However, Invisibility does not prevent the Ranger from incurring damage when he intercepts enemy projectiles or stands within the range of an enemy's AoE attack. In PvP, Invisibility Field prevents creatures from seeing the Ranger but does not prevent players from doing so.

Leveling and Costs

Putting points into this skill will increase the range of the aura. Unlike the Huntress' Invisibility skill, points don't decrease the cost of the skill.

One of the downsides of Invisibility is that it will consume a small amount of mana every second that it is active. This can be particularly wasteful on maps where you need to conserve mana as it will keep picking up every mana crystal on the floor around you and possibly waste them (if you are overfilling your mana bar). As such it is best to use Invisibility only when it is needed or if the map has an abundance of mana.


Invisibility Field Animation
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