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The Jester is an additional hero class that is available as part of the Jester Hero DLC. It was released for the PC August 8, 2012. Trendy revealed in the 7/25/12 DunDef Digest that it was free for two weeks following its initial release, where it is now priced at $3.99 USD (not including sales tax).[1]

The Jester can equip two of ANY weapon and switch between them at will (similar to Series EV). She has the fastest base movement and casting speed in the game.

Promotional Description

A sly trickster in the service of the royal court, the Jester will provide long-time fan-requested capabilities and unique combat and defensive strategies.

What will this harlequin defender bring to the table?



The Jester utilizes three different sizes of presents: Small, Deluxe and Extravagant, each costing two, three, and four (2-4) DUs respectively. Their contents can include a random tower summoned for less DUs (than when summoned by the corresponding hero class), equipment, or mana. Presents can however spawn Ogres occasionally. Presents are opened when destroyed or when the next Combat Phase begins.

The Jester's other two defenses attack enemies directly.

Small Present Small Present - PresentLow Icon
Deluxe Present Deluxe Present - PresentMedium Icon
Extravagant Present Extravagant Present - PresentHigh Icon
Boxing Tower WheelIcon Jack in the Box - a present box containing a boxing glove which springs loose to send nearby foes flying!
MagicHandsTower WheelIcon Party Popper - a tower which randomly cycles between different projectiles to fire: Magic Missiles, Archer Minion arrows, Fireballs, Djinn magic bolts, Deadly Striker Tower bolts, and Ogre snot balls.


WheeloFortuna square Wheel o' Fortuna - Opens up a Slot Machine-like minigame. The outcome varies depending on the combination (e.g. 3-goblins or 3-crystals). This can vary from upgrading all hero defenses to making a percentage of enemies golden.
Jester MoveTower square Move Tower - Allows a placed hero defense to be moved around the battlefield within the ability's radius. Mana is consumed upon activating the ability, not after moving a defense. This allows the player to move as many nearby defenses as they want for no additional costs. Minions and Tower Buff Beams cannot be moved.

Jester's Costumes


  • In some parts of the game's code, the Jester is treated as an Apprentice. She gets a damage boost from using a staff, and the stats of her towers (from presents) will scale according to the stat multipliers for defenses summoned by an Apprentice or Adept.
  • To switch between weapons 'X' can be used by default. Gamepad (namely Xbox 360 controller) users can press the left stick button to switch between weapons.
  • When moving a tower, the defense's range is treated as if the Jester summoned it. A Jester with a lower tower range stat than the original builder of an aura or trap can place them closer to each other. Traps can be placed covering dark energy areas, such as those surrounding Eternia Crystals.
  • Be wary of using Move Tower near a tower stack. Moving one outside the stack may cause the stacked defenses to displace themselves, sometimes off a buff beam the host had them touching.


  • A Jester is a professional clown belonging to a medieval court.
  • Preliminary concept art for both the Jester and Summoner was released in late 2011.


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