Kobolds are suicidal monsters that blow themselves up in an effort to damage heroes, towers, or Eternia Crystals.

Upon sighting a target, Kobolds will light their fuse and charge, screaming ("Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!") until they explode. If a hero is unable to kill a Kobold, the hero may try to either avoid the explosion or soak up the damage if it would cause unwanted damage to towers or Eternia Crystals. Placing Ensnare Auras in front of defenses will slow Kobolds and may allow the defenses to kill them before they can damage any structures.

The Huntress can use Invisibility to hide from Kobolds, while the Squire can use Block to reduce the amount of damage from the Kobold's explosion.


  • A 'Kobold on a Treadmill' can be found in the private room in the tavern. This is also an obtainable familiar from completing Tavern Defense on Survival or Pure Strategy.
  • Kobolds cannot be stunned in anyway upon igniting.
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