The Kraken is the boss for the third part of Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC featured in Aquanos.


During the final, boss wave of Aquanos, the Kraken will spawn near the northwest corner of the map. The Kraken has multiple tentacles projecting out the back of its body. The Kraken itself will remain invulnerable until ALL of its tentacles have been destroyed by player attacks. Hero defenses cannot target the tentacles. Any damage dealt to the tentacles appears in purple text below the Kraken's head. When its tentacles are destroyed, the head becomes vulnerable to attacks from both heroes and defenses. Once the Kraken loses 20% of its health, it will immediately regenerate its tentacles and regain invulnerability. Therefore, players must destroy the tentacles five times to defeat the boss under normal circumstances.

The Kraken will fire blasts of water at heroes from a distance. It can also whip its tentacles at heroes coming within melee range, significantly knocking them back. The Kraken may fire homing spines from each of its tentacles, dealing significant damage. When it has no tentacles, the Kraken will transition to exhaling harmful gas and ramming into players.

As the fight progresses, the map will gradually fill up with water, limiting attack speed and movement. Similar to other boss fights, other monsters will spawn endlessly until the battle is over.

Defeating the Kraken will unlock the Yellow Eternia Shard.


  • A Squire, Countess or Jester with a 100%+ block weapon can tank the Kraken and take minimal damage. Only the gas attack hits through the guard. This is particularly effective if paired with Mage Minions. Unlike other defenses, minions can target the Kraken, as the damage is useful in destroying the tentacles and will not aggro the Kraken. A Strength Drain and Healing aura combination will allow the tank to ignore having to sporadically heal, but they are not required.
  • Hero or pet attacks with piercing capabilities or a wide cleave range are ideal for this boss, in order to hit multiple tentacles at once.
  • The Barbarian's Battle Pound and Hawk Stance can deal massive damage to the tentacles. The latter is also capable of bypassing the boss's HP breaks. This is doable by inflicting close to 20% of its max health in damage, before unleashing the burst damage.
  • The Kraken is immune to Proton Charge Blast, leaving Series EV at a serious disadvantage for DPS.
  • Unlike most bosses, invisible heroes and defenses are undetectable by the Kraken in Aquanos.

In Redux, on Ascension, the Kraken can push back all defenses (minions included). Ogre and Spider Queen Minions can endure multiple attacks from the boss under a Strength Drain Aura and more-so if touching a buff beam.

  • The Squire and Countess have access to both blocking with a weapon and Blade Vortex which can help shred the Kraken's tentacles, while taking minimal damage.
  • A Speed Totem can partially offset the hero speed reduction caused by the ongoing flood during the battle.



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