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Lightning stance

Barbarian in the middle of activating Lightning Stance.

The Barbarian's Lightning Stance costs 15 mana to activate and continues to drain mana at an increasing rate over time. Lightning Stance is unlocked upon reaching level 20.

Upon activation, a lightning bolt strikes the Barbarian. While the stance is active, these changes are made:

  • Attacks will stun their target. (Does not work against Ogres)
  • Each attack that hits an enemy will damage the barbarian.

While activated the Barbarian's weapons will shake uncontrollably and the Barbarian, along with any stunned enemies, will have sparks of lightning over their bodies.

The Health cost per hit decreases as you allocate more points in Lightning stance, and is dependent on your max health. With no points in Lightning Stance, you will take roughly 4% of your max health in damage, as opposed to <1.5% of your max health with 120 points in Lightning Stance.

Lightning resistance does NOT mitigate damage taken by the Barbarian from Lightning Stance's effect.



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