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The Mage Minion
Attack: Ranged
Special: Heal Self & Allies, Fireball Attack
Introduced: Summoner Hero DLC
The Mage Minion is a Summoner defense. It is a crystalline variant of the Dark Elf Mage. The mage costs 180 mana and 7 MU to summon.


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Mage Minion can heal himself and his allies (including heroes) and attack enemies by casting a deadly ranged fireball. However, he cannot summon skeletons and has a low amount of health.

The healing spell restores the health of the caster and his nearby allies, including heroes, by 6.5% of their maximum health per cast. The mage activates this healing spell whenever himself or an ally is under a certain percentage of their health. This amount healed does not increase with the Summoner's stats. The healing spell does not repair towers.


  • The Mage Minion's ability to heal himself and minions allows you to build self-repairing minion blockades.
  • The radius of the mage's healing spell approximates to a max-length 5-DU Tower Buff Beam or Shock Beam. This is slightly further than the melee attack range of ogres, allowing mages to be placed where they can't get hit but still heal allies.

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