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The Mage Minion
Attack: Ranged
Special: Heal Self & Allies, Fireball Attack
Introduced: Summoner Hero DLC
The Mage Minion is a Summoner skill. It summons a crystalline variant of the Dark Elf Mage to the battlefield. The Mage costs 180 mana and 7 MU to summon


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Mage Minion has two abilities: healing himself or his allies and a deadly ranged fireball attack. It has a low amount of health in exchange for a high amount of ranged fire damage. Unfortunately the mage minion cannot summon skeletons.

When either a nearby player's health falls below 100%, the minion itself health falls under 30% or a nearby minion's health falls below 25%, it activates an area of effect healing ability that heals for 6.5% of affected targets' maximum health per cast. The amount is not affected by the Tower Damage stat. This does not heal tower defenses.

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