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The Magic Blockade, or Elemental Barrier, is a wall-type Apprentice / Adept defense that permanently removes the elemental affinity of attackers.

It is the cheapest, but least durable of all blockades, costing 20 mana and 1 Defense Unit.

In Redux, its health scaling is drastically improved. Whenever the barrier is attacked, ALL surrounding enemies lose their elemental affinity. It also generates more aggro, as with all other blockades.

Stat Scaling

  • Stats measurements taken in Redux without upgrades or extra buffs.
  • All mage towers have 1.625x more health on Nightmare and Ascension.

Range is the frontal distance the Magic Blockade can strip elements.

Defense Stat Health Range
0 (Base) ? ?
1 ? ?


  • Magic Blockades are an inexpensive way to bait certain enemies. Spiders that drop next to one will most likely attack it over targets further away.

In Other Dungeon Defenders Games

This blockade is known as the Elemental Barrier in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Its health scaling is drastically better in DDA than Vanilla DD1.

Version History


  • ?:
    • Health scaling dramatically increased.
    • Aggro radius increased.
    • Now disenchants ALL nearby enemies when struck.



  • The Magic Blockade is tied with a 1-DU Reflection Beam for the cheapest defense in the game.