ManaBomb Wheel
Mana Bomb is an Apprentice skill unlocked at Level 20. It deals high damage to all enemies in a large radius around the caster. It costs 200 mana and has a 45-second cooldown, the longest ability cooldown in the game.


Mana Bomb is useful for clearing out minor enemies. This can help buy some time for repairs or allow easier access to more powerful enemies nearby who survive. The ability takes two seconds to cast. Taking any damage will interrupt the channeling, but no mana is consumed.

Because of its high mana cost and long cooldown, Mana Bomb is best used in emergencies and/or when surrounded by enemies. The Mana Bomb can be detonated much quicker if Overcharge is active.

In Pure Strategy Mode, this skill is disabled.

Leveling And Costs

Mana Bomb's damage is only increased by putting points into it. Time to cast the bomb is shortened as the user increases their Casting Rate.

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