A Mana Token is an item with a high sell value (usually 200, 400, or occasionally 600 million) that is used for trading when trading mana itself is no longer an option, such as for high level players that have reached the mana cap of 2 billion.

(See Mana for information on mana itself and the mana crystals that drop in the game)

Making a Mana Token

Simply go to the Services menu in the Tavern and choose to create a mana token. Then choose the value of the mana token. Minimum is 100 mana.

Why make a Mana Token?

There are four primary reasons people make mana tokens:

  • To get around the 2 billion mana cap.
  • To gain Mana from missions again once you hit 600 million.
  • To be able to securely trade more than 600 million mana at once.
  • While not as common, Mana Tokens can also be used to purchase/sell items for over 2 billion mana via multiple secure trades.

The biggest benefit to mana tokens however is secure trades. If you are purchasing something for 2 billion mana, for example, you have two options:

  1. Trade 600,000,000 mana 3 times and then -hope- you get your item with the 4th trade of 200,000,000 mana.
  2. Trade 5 or 10 mana tokens in one trade (or some combination involving tokens and mana) and -know- you will get your item in the same trade.


  • With Patch 7.38, you no longer have to use items to make mana tokens. You can simply make them in the tavern with no mana loss.
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