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The Mega Turkey is the boss in The Great Turkey Hunt!.


The Mega Turkey appears as an extremely large turkey, taking up a large proportion of the center of the battle arena. It is the assumed leader of its smaller companions which players need to hunt down prior to the boss wave.


The turkey has 3 attacks to take note of:

  • When within Melee Range, the turkey will spin in a circle dealing moderate damage. If you happen to be circling in the same direction he spins (it varies) you can sometimes avoid taking damage from it
  • When within his vicinity (he doesn't move) he will do a jump and stomp attack. This attack often has the ability to instantly kill players without proper defense.
  • If completely outside of this range, he shoots a giant egg projectile similar to the Ogre's poison snot ball. It deals splash damage over approximately three time greater an area and deals significantly more damage.

Note that Dark Elf Warriors will continue to spawn whilst players attempt to defeat this boss.

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