Name: Description: Map: Easy Medium Hard Insane
No Towers Allowed The player must complete the waves of The Deeper Well without using any towers. The Deeper Well Nothing Staff Staff Staff
Unlikely Foes The Unlikely Allies challenge switches the role of defending an Eternia Crystal with a moving Ogre. Foundries and Forge Bow Bow Bow Monk Sword
Warping Core This challenge has the Eternia Crystal warp randomly around the map. Magus  Quarters Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer
Raining Goblins Many Goblins fall right from the sky right over the crystal requiring range weapons for effectiveness. Alchemical Laboratory Spear Spear Spear Spear
Wizardy This features Dark Elf Mages when all but two are invicible at once. Servants Quarters Staff Staff Staff Staff
Ogre Crush A wave of Ogres come stumbling towards the Eternia Crystals. Castle Armory Sword Sword Sword Sword
Zippy Terror A challenge exclusively of Kobolds. They light their fuse and rappidly fly towards two crystals. No towers allowed! Hall of Court Bow Bow Bow Bow
Chicken One person on the team is the chicken who can not jump, runs slower, has one health, and a set of lives. The chicken changes after every death. The Throne Room Monk Sword Monk Sword Monk Sword Monk Sword
Monster Fest The team has 20 lives. As the waves increase, so does the time, difficulty, and number of Creatures. Oakvale Crossing Class Weapon* Class Weapon* Fairy Fairy
Moving Core Moving core is very similar to warping, only one difference, it does not warp, it actually moves along a path. Royal Gardens Spear Spear Spear Genie
Death From Above The player must survive waves of Wyverns and an occasional Ogre or 2. The Ramparts iGameshot's Animus Animus Animus
  • A Class Weapon is one usable by the class of the player when they complete the last wave of the challenge.
  • Hall of Heroes PVP is under the challenges list but is not considered a challenge as it is a standard PVP arena with mobs offering victory through player kills rather than wave survival.
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