This page references the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (DDDK).

Any reference to unofficial game modifications is strictly forbidden.

The PC version of Dungeon Defenders has been released with gameplay code and source. This allows players to Mod (modify) the game in any way people can think of. As Mods are created and released they will be posted here.

All modding will be done through the UDK (Unreal Developers Kit) tool which is freely available at the UDK website.


The Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (DDDK) is available for free on Steam for the PC in the form of downloadable content (DLC). For the official Steam DLC page, click here.                                                            


The Development Kit does not contain the majority of DLC content available on the PC. As the kit is available for free through Steam, this was intended to prevent players that have not purchased the DLC from playing the content for free.

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Dddk 1

A screenshot of the Unreal Editor in action.

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