In this quick guide I will tell you where and when to place turrets on the magus quarters level.

Level 10+ heroes required, use the foundries and forges squire setup to help level up to 10. It works on easy-hard.

So first, you need a look at the map. Place 3 ensnare auras, one round each choke point, then place an electric aura directly on the crystal, if you can't, place a harpoon turret on each of the sides to protect from wyverns. You know where you placed the ensnare auras? Place 3 bouncer blockades a bit closer to the crystal, still on each choke point. Then place an electric aura at each of the junction/spawn points to hurt enemies. On a bit where enemies can't get to, place a healing aura if you have enough defence units.

thats the end of my guide, try to also kill enemies for xp and it should be very helpful. Please comment.

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