The Oculus of the Genie King is an Apprentice weapon. It is awarded for defeating the Genie King in Moraggo Desert Town on Insane and Nightmare difficulty as an Apprentice.

The weapon, when upgraded to its maximum projectile bonus, fires 6 bolts in a hexagon/circle-like pattern. This weapon is only rewarded with poison elemental damage. This weapon is notable in that it is one of the only staff where elemental damage scales with the hero damage stat. Combined with the boosted upgradability of elemental damage, many players choose this stat as the only one they upgrade, therefore increasing DPS dramatically. It is often obtained with more than 50 upgrades making it one of the best apprentice weapons for console (in EU) where high DPS weapons are difficult to find.

It often has Defense Base Damage and Defense Attack Rate stats.

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  • Firing Pattern

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