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The Ogre Minion
Attack: Melee
Special: Poison Projectile
Introduced: Summoner Hero DLC
The Ogre Minion is a Summoner defense. is a crystalline variant of the Ogre enemy. The ogre costs 600 mana and 13 MU to summon, making it the most expensive defense in the game.


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Ogre Minion is difficult to take down because of its large amount of health. The Ogre Minion also has the same three attacks enemy ogres perform: a vertical pound, a horizontal swipe, and a poison projectile.

Upon seeing an enemy, the Ogre Minion will occasionally fire a poison snot ball at it. If commanded to hold offensive, the ogre will also begin to walk up to its target. When in melee range, the ogre smashes enemies with its heavy club. It randomly alternates between side swipes and foward pounds, both of which can deal high damage to multiple enemies. The pounds can hit enemies twice, dealing at most double the damage swipes inflict, while the swipes cover more horizontal area. Being hit by an ogre's club will knockback smaller creatures.

Ogre Minions are immune to knockback from any large creatures.

Ogre Minions can be summoned directly on top of any other minion.

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