The Old One
Attack: Summon Crystal Monsters
Special: Knockback
Introduced: Part 4 - Sky City

The Old One is the fifth and final boss for Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC, featured in the Crystalline Dimension.

The Old One is the being sealed within the Crystalline Dimension. It is responsible for capturing the Heroes parents.


The fight will start out with The Old One taunting you, then you must attack his feet in order to break the gemstones on them. He has many attacks, which include summoning crystal monsters, raining fireballs from the sky, and smashing the ground with his feet.

After breaking the Old Ones feet gemstones, he will raise a large portion of the ground into the air. Any hero not on this platform will die. The platform stops at the Old One's stomach level, and he will continue to attack with his hands and lasers from his stomach. Players must kill the crystals on each of his hands and the crystal on his stomach before moving on. Unlike the feet level, the crystals on his hands and stomach are only attackable while the Old One is using a certain attack (hand crystals are only attackable during hard smash attacks, and the stomach crystal is only attackable while he is attacking with lasers.)

Once the three crystals at the mid level have been destroyed, the Old One will say, "You are testing my patience," and raise most of the platform up to his head level. (A small sliver on the back of the platform will remain at stomach level, any hero on this part of the platform will be killed.) Players can then attack the Old One himself, while he attacks the heroes with hand smashes, fire/wind breath, and by swiping his arm across the platform. Once the Old one's health bar reaches 2/3, he will drop the platform to feet level. The process must be repeated two more times. The second time, he drops the platform at 1/3 of his maximum health, and the third time the players defeat him.


  • The Old One has many different attacks on each level. The order is completely random, but he cannot repeat an attack until he either taunts you or uses his fire rain attack (he might sometimes use 2 feet stomp attacks in a row so beware).
  • A well timed Hawk Stance can overshoot his invincibility, lowering the number of times required to reach the head level to two or even one.
  • The only enemies the Old One can spawn are Goblins, Dark Elf Archers, and Orcs. There is a limited amount of enemies that can be on the map at one time, depending on the number of players.


  • Defeated Old One
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