The Old One is the fifth and final boss of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC, featured in the Crystalline Dimension. He is considered the "true" final boss of Dungeon Defenders.

The Old One is the being sealed within the Crystalline Dimension. He is responsible for capturing the Heroes parents.


After a cinematic showing the Old One's five weak points (orange gemstones), the fight begins at the boss' feet. The heroes must break the gemstones on his feet, then the ones on his chest and palms. Destroying all five gemstones will allow the heroes to attack him directly in the head and deplete his health bar. The Old One has a variety of attacks, including deadly melee attacks, fireballs, fire breath, and lasers. Crystallized goblins, archers, and orcs will also spawn constantly throughout the fight.

Foot Stage

This is where the battle starts. The Old One will either stomp with one or both feet simultaneously; the latter creates damaging shockwaves with very strong knockback. Once the gem on each foot is shattered, he elevates a portion of the ground up; anyone who does not stay on the rising platform dies instantly. The fight then proceeds to the chest stage.


  • Single- and Double-Foot Stomp: Kills instantly if it hits directly.
  • Fireballs: Emits a small explosion on impact.
  • Fire Rain: Rains fireballs onto the battlefield. After impact, deadly flames will appear around where the fireballs landed for some time.

Chest Stage

At this stage, the Old One's three weak points are not always vulnerable. The gemstones can only be damaged when they glow orange and stick out from the sockets. Once the gems in his palms and on his chest are broken, he elevates part of the platform again, progressing to the head stage.


  • Single- and Double-Hand Slam: Kills instantly if it hits directly. Single hand slams do not produce shockwaves.
  • Fireballs
  • Fire Rain
  • Single and Triple Lasers: Single laser tracks the target hero.

Head Stage

This is the only stage the Old One can be attacked directly. The fight returns to the foot stage once he loses 1/3 of his health.


  • Single- and Double-Hand Slam
  • Quadruple Lasers
  • Arm Sweep: Doesn't deal damage, but often kills instantly if it connects.
  • Fireballs
  • Fire Rain
  • Fire Breath: A rarely used attack with a wide area of effect.
  • Sonic Blast: Blows away any heroes directly in front of the head. This can easily push heroes to their demise.

Battle Quotes

"You are no match for me, little children."

"You will not escape your fate."

"You are testing my patience."

"Your realm shall burn."

"Your heavens are futile."

"Bow, bow before your master!"

"I will crystallize your ashes."

"Your people's struggles amuse me."

"You're going down!" (When calling down Fire Rain)

(Evil Laugh)


  • During the foot stage, try staying to the left or right of the Old One; it will be easier to dodge the lethal foot stomps.
  • For the chest and head stages, stay directly in front of him to avoid his hand slams. Hug his head to avoid getting swept off by one of his reaching arms. Be careful not to fall off the platform though.
  • There is a limit to the number of crystal enemies that can be on the field at one time. If you are not using an offensive pet, kill all but the archers to have a better time focusing on the Old One. If are a Huntress or Ranger, you can instead turn invisible to avoid the mobs entirely (provided you have mana).


  • The Old One uses his attacks in a random order, but he cannot repeat an attack until he either taunts the player(s) or calls down fire rain. For single foot stomps and hand slams, he rarely stomps/slams with the same left or right hand/foot twice.
  • A well timed Hawk Stance or Mana Bomb can overshoot his invincibility, lowering the number of times required to reach the head level to two or even one.
  • Siphon Stance does not heal the Barbarian for slashing the Old One's gemstones.
  • Auras cannot be used. Attempting to summon one will cause it to disappear immediately.


The Old One appears to be based on common depictions of Cthulhu: a large humanoid figure with cephalopod features and small draconic or demonic wings.


  • Defeated Old One
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