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Overlord Mode is a unique ability of the Summoner. The Summoner can leave the field of battle entirely to enter a full-on RTS style 'Overlord Mode.' Activating this mode will force the player to activate their Phase Shift ability.

In this mode, the Summoner is able to manage his minions over a larger overhead field of view. This includes summoning and desummoning minions and issuing minion commands. Entering this mode unlocks the player's camera, allowing for free movement of the overhead camera across the entire battlefield.


Keyboard and mouse controls are altered while in this mode.

Control Effect
Movement Keys Moves the camera north, south, east, and west.
Alt (with a movement key) Moves the camera at 150% speed.
Left Click (on map) Moves the camera to clicked spot
Left Click + Drag (on map) Moves camera along with your cursor
Left Click Select minion.
Left Click and drag Box-select minion.
Ctrl (when left clicking) Add to selection.
Right Click (on ground) Order selected minions to Hold Defensive.
Ctrl + Right Click (on ground) Order selected minions to Hold Offensive.
Right Click (on enemy) Order selected minions to Attack Target.
Right Click (on ally) Order selected minions to Follow and Defend Target.
Right Click (on selected minion itself) Order selected minion to Defend Self.
C Call out at mouse pointer


  • Overlord mode provides players with an overhead view of the battlefield for quick selection and management of summoned minions.

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