"On Xbox patch/DLC: today it passed half of its certification (Compliance Testing) today. It now enters Functional Testing, which -should- complete this week or early next week and thus get us a release date (we'll make sure it's released ASAP when that happens). In short, we hope to have the definitive word on it in next week's Digest

Jeremy Stieglitz

The patch has been confirmed for release on Xbox for the 26th April!

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Unreleased Console Patch Notes

Here are the notes for any officially released upcoming patches, planned for console release.

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PS3/Xbox 360:

To be released: ETA Unknown (PS3/XBLA).

  • Tower Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
  • Pet Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications
  • Giraffes are now awarded at Wave 25 and survival stability is also correspondingly improved
  • Raised Level Cap to 78 and added higher-quality items as a result
  • Fixed last-minute hero-swapping bug
  • Fixed a potential save corruption case (We never reproduced it here in the basement, so this potential fix is mostly guesswork.)
  • Fixed bandwidth issue with projectile towers that will also resolve various online latency issues (weapons not appearing, nude Huntress, invisible enemies, etc.)
  • You can now have spaces in hero names from the initial Create Hero UI
  • Fixed Obedience Training accomplishment to include certain extra Pet variants
  • Made Achievements/Trophies attempt to unlock at regular intervals when the Accomplishments are checked (catches any cases where the Achievement or Trophy was not awarded at the time)
  • Non-DLC players should no longer have trouble joining DLC Taverns
  • Increased the Hero Cap value of all Stats (except for Run Speed) from 70 to 120
  • Increased the Mana Cap to 200 million and added four extra item pages to the forge
  • Fixed mana exploit

Xbox 360:


  • Left Analog stick fix
  • Added French, Italian, German, Cherokee, Spanish localization for DLCs
  • Fixed case where owners of PS Plus exclusive DLC (Monkey & other Pets) may not have been able to connect sometimes online with other players
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