The Phoenix is the boss of Embermount Volcano.


The Phoenix flies over the battlefield. It has three attacks which it uses in no particular order:

  • It stops in-place to shoot large homing fireballs at the heroes. These create pools of fire where they land of which damage heroes and defenses over them continuously.
  • It accelerates, takes a turn, then charges at a hero. Contact with the Phoenix during this attack deals a very high amount of damage.
  • It summons 'Phoenix Flame' wyverns for assistance which cannot be killed directly.

Offensive heroes should not stand next to fragile defenses, such as Lightning and Deadly Striker Towers, in order to direct fireballs away from them.

In the "Flames of Rebirth" challenge, a weaker version of the Phoenix spawns during combat. It must be defeated within a countdown timer. Otherwise, it'll evolve into its "true form," up to the same strength as its Campaign equivalent. If this happens, the current wave will not end until the fully-developed Phoenix is defeated. The immortal bird will respawn sometime after its knocked out, so players have to defeat it multiple times after the first wave.


  • If there are 3-4 living, tangible heroes present, the Phoenix will shoot more fireballs in a 3-way spread.


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