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Physical Beam
Physical Beam is a Series EV skill. It blocks the movement of enemies, but not players.


The Physical Beam is a flexible blockade, from its ability to be placed at varying lengths. It can cover wider gaps in walkways for less DU than most other barriers. However, it has no secondary effects and cannot deal damage to enemies.

Leveling and Costs

The Physical Beam has a base cost of 30 mana and 2 DU. Based on its length, the DU cost can range from 2-5.

Tower Health is the only stat the Physical Beam benefits from.


  • The Physical Beam health varies on its length. For every additional DU spent, the beam's health goes up by 50% of its base.
  • Unlike other blockades, players do not collide with the Physical Beam. This makes it easier for players to get in and out of their defense setups in the heat of combat.
  • Since the Physical Beam is a non-minion physical defense to enemies, Sharken will attempt to push them. If this happens, the boarders of the beam will be displaced from the barrier. This does not affect the barrier's damage resistance.
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