Piercing Shot

Piercing Shot

Piercing Shot
Piercing Shot is a Huntress skill that fires an ethereal bird that will pass through obstacles and all monsters including ogres, inflicting very high damage. It costs 40 mana per use with a cooldown of 3 seconds.

The damage this skill deals is based on the base damage (not elemental damage) of the user's weapon and both the Piercing Shot and Hero Damage stats.


  • As the piercing shot passes through every enemy and any obstacle, it can be used to rapidly clear out entire lines of enemies for minimal cost.
  • Since Piercing Shot can be fired even when you are normally attacking, using it every cooldown is a significant DPS increase--even against single targets.
  • Due to its ability to travel through walls, you can use it to "snipe" enemies through any obstacles.
  • Piercing Shot is great at taking down a long wave of Wyverns, who tend to move in a single straight line. It can also be easily targeted at Dark Elf Warriors and Spiders who usually stop moving in order to attack.


  • Upgrading Piercing Shot does not decrease the cooldown.
  • Weapons which inflict elemental damage in place of physical damage such as the Dancing Cavalier will still boost the damage of Piercing Shot when their listed weapon damage is upgraded.
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