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Piercing Spreadshot
Piercing Spreadshot is a Ranger skill that fires three fiery birds that pass through obstacles and enemies, inflicting very high damage. It costs 50 mana to use and has a 4-5 second cooldown.


Since the three shots pierce through every enemy and every obstacle, Piercing Spreadshot can be used to rapidly clear out entire lines of enemies for minimal cost. At a cooldown of roughly 4-5 seconds, this skill can be casted repeatedly and is a great way of increasing the damage per second inflicted on Ogres and Bosses. For the mana cost, this is by far the most powerful single-use skill of all classes along with the Huntress' Piercing Shot.

Compared to its single-shot counterpart, Piercing Spreadshot does less damage per projectile, but against single targets it will deal more damage if all three shots land.

Leveling and Costs

Like its Huntress counterpart, Piercing Spreadshot's damage scales based on the user's weapon damage and both their Hero Damage and Piercing Spreadshot stats. Elemental damage does not affect the total damage dealt. Therefore, players should prioritize the base ranged damage of their weapon to increase the damage output for this skill.

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