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The Propeller Cat is both a pet and an interactable NPC. The Propeller Cat is awarded for reaching wave 25 of Sky City on either Survival and Pure Strategy mode.

It multiples the attack damage of the user and up to three (3) of their allies. This effect stacks multiplicatively with damage-boosting hero abilities: Hero Boost, Blood Rage and Call to Arms.

Pet Stats and Scaling

"Clip Ammo" (Blue Arrow)

The Boost Intensity; it determines the cat's damage multiplier. This can be incremented by one on every third upgrade level (3, 6, 9, 12...). Cats can spawn with a starting intensity as high as the 120's. The damage multiplier is calculated with this formula:

Damage Multiplier = ( 1.1 + ( (Boost/20) ^0.835 ) * 0.145 )

Example calculations are shown in the table below:

Boost Intensity Damage Multiplier


75 1.5372
100 1.6559
125 1.7698
150 1.8799
175 1.9870
179 2.0039
200 2.0917
224 2.1900

"Clip Ammo" (Orange Star)

The Propeller Cat's Range, affecting how far it can boost heroes. This can be upgraded on every fifth level (5, 10, 15, 20...). A range of "+90" is the max and highest value a cat can spawn with; this approximates to the distance between the pet-attackable target dummy and the forge, on the Tavern's first floor.

"Additional Projectiles" (Triple Yellow Stars)

The total number of heroes the cat can boost, up to ("+4") maxed out. This can be upgraded on every 30th level (30, 60, 90...). If there are more than four heroes in-range (counting the user), the closest ones are prioritized.



Skycity NPC Locations

Tips and Notes

  • The Propeller Cat is an excellent choice for DPS heroes whose pet damage scales poorly vs. their weapon damage, those who attack from afar, or ones who depend on their damage-dealing abilities. Contenders include: the Huntress, Ranger, Series EV, Barbarian and Jester.
  • If two Propeller Cats try to boost ally heroes, whichever one has a greater damage multiplier takes precedence.


  • Max out the cat's "Additional Projectiles" (Heroes to Boost, which is +4) and upgrade the its "Clip Ammo" (Boost Intensity) whenever possible. Never hold Shift or Control while upgrading. Otherwise, you will miss opportunities to raise your cat's damage multiplier.
    • The cat needs at least 90 upgrade levels to maximize how many heroes it can boost.
  • Due to upgrade timings, every 15th level presents a choice between Boost Intensity and Range (unless the latter is capped), and every 30th level presents a choice between all three pet stats (unless Range and Hero Count are capped).


  • An impossibility through normal gameplay, the cat's Boost Intensity hard-caps at 330 which would multiply hero attack damage by 2.6065.
  • The Propeller Cat's 4-hero cap is due to the fact it was introduced before any 6-player maps.
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