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Real Time Strategist is a PC exclusive Achievement that is unlocked upon completing the Original Campaign and three Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard Missions on any difficulty using only the Summoner's minions to damage enemies, except for the Final Wave. 


Only the Summoner's minions can damage the enemy, denying the use of damaging hero defenses, weapons and attacking pets. The final wave lifts this restriction, allowing non-minion damage. If successful, the player will earn the "Mission Real Time Strategist" award and will need it for all of the maps illustrated below.

Original Campaign Missions The Deeper Well, Foundries and Forges, Magus Quarters, Alchemical Laboratory, Servants Quarters, Castle Armory, Hall of Court, The Throne Room, Royal Gardens, The Ramparts, Endless Spires, The Summit
DLC Missions Glitterhelm Caverns, City in the Cliffs
The Lost Eternia Shard Maps Mistymire Forest, Moraggo Desert Town, Aquanos


Despite this achievement's in-game and Steam description, it does not require players to only use minions and Summoners in combat. Any defenses and pets are permitted, as long as they do not damage enemies.

Defenses that are safe to use are illustrated in the table below.

Apprentice/Adept Magic Blockade
Huntress/Ranger Darkness Trap, Gas Trap
Jester None
Monk/Initiate Enrage Aura, Ensnare Aura, Healing Aura, Strength Drain Aura
Series EV Physical Beam, Tower Buff Beam
Squire/Countess Spike Blockade (placed backwards)
  • Summoners also do not have to use Overlord Mode at all, despite the achievement's description.
  • Although any hero can be used during the combat phase, switching to another reduces the base damage of minions by 25% which can make this achievement harder to get for less equipped Summoners.


  • The Achievement will unlock for the player once they have earned the "Mission Real Time Strategist" award on all of the required maps.

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