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The Reflection Beam is a Series EV defense that reflects enemy projectiles back at them or other enemies.

Each time a projectile is reflected, the barrier loses a small portion of its health while greatly increasing the damage of the projectile.


  • The following projectiles can be reflected:
  • When a projectile is reflected:
    • The Reflection Beam takes 25 damage.
    • The projectile instantly becomes 'friendly,' meaning that it can no longer damage defenses or players.
    • The projectile's damage is multiplied by a factor (depending on Beam Damage and upgrade level)
    • The projectile loses all vertical momentum; once reflected, it will ALWAYS travel perfectly horizontal. The reflected direction depends on the angle the projectile hit the beam.
    • Rockets from Goblin Copters do not home in on monsters.
  • Its height is sufficient to reflect everything without allowing anything over the top.


Reflection beams are very useful for protecting crystals and defenses against enemy projectiles. They can prevent archers from sniping at crystals and spiders from crippling tight groups of defenses. Late into Survival Mode, they can block the ogres' poison projectiles which become a threat to defenses and the player's ability to repair them without interruptions.

These beams are particularly useful on warping core challenge maps, where commonly an Eternia Crystal will warp uncomfortably close to enemy spawns. Placing Reflection Beams between the crystal and spawn will prevent archers and mages from hitting the crystal from inside their spawn points.

Leveling and Costs

  • The Reflection Beam has a base cost of 20 mana and 1 DU.
  • Based on length, the Reflection Beam can range from 1-3 defense units.
  • The maximum health of the beam depends on the Tower Health stat and its reflection damage scale on Tower Damage. Beams that cost more DU also have more health.
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