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The Series EV Hero DLC is a downloadable content released for the PC on March 29, 2012. It contains an additional hero class, the Series EV.

It was available on Steam for $2.99 for a week after its PC release. It is priced (not including sales) at $3.99 USD on Steam. There are no future plans for a console release.

Promotional Description

Assembled long ago by a master mechanic within the depths of Sky City, the Series EV automaton has been powered back to life and is ready for action! By placing down an array of powerful Electronic Beams of any length, EV can decimate enemy forces. The longer the length of the beam the more Defense Units each costs to build.

She can store up to two Guns and Magic Staffs in her memory bank, reproducing their capabilities with her "Assimilable Range Cannon", and can switch between any two such weapons on the fly. Furthermore, EV can consume vast quanities of Mana power to unleash a destructive Proton Charge Blast and project a Holographic Decoy which will attract and confuse enemies before exploding in their faces.

- Steam[1]


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