The Shai Hulud is a Huntress weapon. It is awarded for completing the War of the Djinn challenge on Medium and Hard difficulty. The Shai Hulud and its core drop variant have a slightly larger AOE (area of effect) radius than the Crystal Tracker gun.

It often spawns with tower attack and hero damage.


  • The weapon fires projectiles identical to the ones on the Ogre's poison balls, its base damage however is not poison.
  • Having a larger AOE than other weapons it is a very good DPS weapon, often used to complete challenges such as Assault, where you are required to defeat various enemies in a reduced time.

Similar Challenge Rewards

These are other challenge rewards for completing the War of the Djinn on other difficulties.


  • The Shai Hulud is a Tuareg name for the West African trade wind, the Harmattan.

  • Given the reference in the item's description and other Dune-specific references throughout the map, it is likely that the name is a reference to the great sand worms of the fictional world, Dune.
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