The Sharken is an aquatic creature that was added with the Part 3: Aquanos DLC on 26 April 2012 for PC.

These sharks possess the ability to physically push aside hero defenses, similar to the Goblin Mech boss. Sharken will generally not stop to attack hero defenses, but proceed directly to the Eternia Crystals, pushing physical hero defenses out of their way.

This enemy, like the Djinn and Goblin Copter, is announced upon arrival in light blue text.


Upon seeing a physical hero defense, the Sharken will stop to wind up for several seconds, before charging at it. This charge deals tremendous damage to the hit defense and knocks it back from its original position. Sharken cannot be stunned once they start charging at a physical defense. If the Sharken is attacked by a nearby hero or Summoner Minion, a yellow "!" will appear above its head, indicating that it has aggro on the attacker. At melee range, Sharken attack their target with fast and powerful strikes. Heroes hit are launched away, while minions suffer far less knockback.


  • Auras, Traps and Beams (excluding the Physical Beam) are not physical defenses, meaning that Sharken will not wind up in response to them.
  • Sharken cannot move minions, Holographic Decoys, or Presents despite being physical defenses. -- They may be unable to push other defenses in front through the unmovable defenses (unconfirmed).
  • Gas Traps can render Sharken completely immobile, allowing heroes the ample opportunity to take them out before they reach any tangible defenses.
  • Placing an inexpensive defense (such as a Magic Blockade) near a cliff will cause Sharken to charge at it, plummeting to their death.
  • Lighting Stance and Shock beams can interrupt Sharken wind-up attempts.
  • Lightning Towers can interrupt a Sharken's wind-up as if they were player damage and will leave the monster stunned for several seconds when they are interrupted.


  • The Sharken is mentioned in the weapon description of the Bonecutter.
  • Its name is a combination of 'shark' and 'Kraken' (who is also the boss of Aquanos).
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