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The Sharken is an aquatic Nightmare enemy capable of pushing most physically tangible defenses.

It that was added with the Part 3: Aquanos DLC on 26 April 2012 for PC. Sharken spawn on Aquanos on all difficulty levels and are commonly seen on other maps played on Nightmare and Ascension. This enemy, like the Djinn and Goblin Copter, is announced upon arrival, in light blue text.


Upon seeing a physical hero defense that is not a minion or present, a yellow "!" appears above the Sharken. It grunts and stops to wind-up for several seconds. Then, it charges at it straight forward with both arms out. This charge deals tremendous damage to hit defenses and knocks them back from their original positions. While winding up or charging, if the Sharken takes direct damage equal to a percent of its max HP or is stunned, it becomes fatigued, unable to move or attack for several seconds. It will also daze if it bumps into a natural barrier of the map.

At melee range, Sharken alternate between powerful sideswipes and two-arm forward slams. Heroes hit by a slam are launched away, while minions suffer far less knockback.


  • Sharken will not attempt to push a defense it can attack at or is close to the shark's melee range.
  • While winding up, if the target defense is moved by a Jester, the Sharken will turn to face the relocated defense. In the end, the monster will still charge towards the defense's original location.



  • The Sharken is mentioned in the weapon description of the Bonecutter.
  • Its name is a combination of 'shark' and 'Kraken' (which is also the boss of Aquanos).
  • Defenses can be pushed into positions not possible by players. Blockades can float in midair, and Physical Beams can get shoved into natural walls.