The Sharken is an aquatic creature that was added with the Part 3: Aquanos DLC on 26 April 2012 for the PC.

These creatures possess the ability to physically push aside hero defenses, similar to the Goblin Mech boss monster. Sharken will not stop to attack hero defenses, but proceed directly to the Eternia Crystals, pushing physical hero defenses out of its way.

This enemy, like the Djinn, is announced upon arrival even though it is not considered a miniboss. However, it is one of the more difficult monsters, especially for beginning defenders to defeat, as they have a large amount of health and do a surprising amount of damage.


  • Sharken will initially walk slowly across the map. However, upon coming into range of a physical hero defense they will rapidly charge towards it and begin to deal tremendous damage with its heavy melee attacks, as well as knocking your defenses back from it's original spot.
  • Sharken take several seconds (standing in place) to wind up a charge. If left uninterrupted and allowed to charge, it is immune to all stunning towers, including Gas Traps, Shock Beams, and Lightning Towers.


  • Using a combination between Auras and Traps do not give Sharken a target, therefore will always walk slowly across the map. Sharken can be dealt with using DPS-centered heroes before they reach a crystal.
  • Gas Traps can render Sharken completely immobile, allowing heroes the ample opportunity to take them out before they reach any tangible defenses.
  • Placing an inexpensive defense (such as a Magic Blockade) near a cliff will cause Sharkens to charge at it, plummeting to their death.
  • Using a Holographic Decoy is an excellent alternative to solid defenses, as Sharken cannot move them.
  • Lighting Stance and Shock beams can interrupt Sharken wind-up or Djinn desummoning attempts.
  • Lightning Towers can interrupt a Sharken's wind-up as if they were player damage and will leave the monster stunned for several seconds when they are interrupted.


  • The Sharken is mentioned in the weapon description of the Bonecutter.
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