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Shock Beam
Shock Beam is a Series EV skill. It deals electric damage to enemies that pass through and stuns them in place.


The Shock Beam is best used to stun enemies on key pathways. It has the potential to stunlock any foe not an ogre or a boss. The beam has a limited number of uses before it breaks, similar to Huntress/Ranger traps. Without a sufficient Tower Health stat, this beam will wear off very quickly without frequent repairs.

Leveling and Costs

  • The Shock Beam has a base cost of 55 mana and 2 DU. Based on length, the DU cost can range from 2-6 defense units.
  • The stat replacing Tower Range is dedicated to benefiting Shock Beams. Investing skill points into this stat extends the duration enemies are stunned by the beam.
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