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Silent Night summary

Santa overdosed on rootbeer again, and YOU must deliver his presents to the noble children of Frostdale's Royal Court before morning! But watch out, grinchly mobs ... and something else ... are out in force to break the presents and stop you!

Silent Night is a Holiday DLC challenge map, in which the player(s) must deliver presents within the allotted time as in Etherian Holiday Extravaganza. On December 21, 2012 it was added to the Etherian Holiday Extravaganza DLC pack (Christmas-themed DLC).



The challenge mission follows the pattern of the classic boss levels, with a few waves of increasing difficulty followed by a boss fight.


The goal is to pick up presents from a central, static location (Santa's bag of presents) in the center of the map and deliver them to the designated drop site (one of five Christmas trees) on the map as directed. The number of drop sites for each wave increases from one in the first wave to four in the final wave. The number of presents that must be delivered to each drop site depends on the number of players. The number of Defense Units allowed increases each wave.

Each wave's Combat Phase starts when a hero picks up a present by interacting with Santa's bag of presents. After picking up the first present, the first drop site will be revealed. A pointer shaped like a Christmas tree will direct the hero who is carrying a present which direction to move to reach the designated drop site. It takes 10 seconds to drop a present while standing near the designated drop site. The player can move, attack, repair, upgrade, summon defenses, etc. while dropping off a present. After delivering all presents to a drop site, the next drop site will be identified on the map.

It is possible to drop a present prematurely by getting hit by enemies. It is also possible for presents that have already been dropped off at drop sites to be destroyed by enemies. These scenarios will require the player to return to Santa's bag of presents to pick up another present.

Santa Barbarian icon

Boss Fight

When the Boss fight begins the Christmas tree in the center of the rooftop (previously a drop site) transforms into an Eternia Crystal (sitting on Santa's sleigh). The Eternia Crystal must be protected from the Bosses: 4 Mega Snowmen and a Santa Barbarian.

Note: Santa Barbarian on Nightmare Difficulty has almost 4 billion health.



Similar to other boss fights, a class-specific weapon will be awarded upon defeating the Santa Barbarian and the four Mega Snowmen (see below). Higher difficulty levels award weapons with better stats.


Beating this challenge on any difficulty less than Nightmare earns the Not So Silent Night achievement; beating this challenge on Nightmare difficulty earns the Nightmare Not So Silent Night achievement.

Recommended Level: 50 Challenge Information
Silent Night map
Number of Crystals Number of Waves
N/A 10
Defense Units Starting Mana
70 / 95 / 110 / 120 / 135 / 160 800
Hazards Mana Per Round
None 800
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard DarkElfArcherIconHard OrcIconHard KoboldIconHard WyvernIconHard FishWyvernIconNightmare DarkElfMageIconHard DarkElfWarriorIconHard SpiderIconHard DjinnIconNightmare SharkenIcon OgreIconHard
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
No reward No reward No reward No reward No reward
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
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