Skeletons are enemies spawned by Dark Elf Mages, though they may appear independently in Survival Mix Mode or the Halloween Spooktacular! challenge.


  • Bringing a skeleton down to zero health does not permanently kill it; instead it will fall to a pile of bones. Killing the Dark Elf Mage who summoned it will permanently kill all skeletons summoned by him.
  • Independent skeletons (seen in the Halloween Spooktacular challenge and Survival Mix Mode) temporarily die twice before permanently dying a third time. They resurrect themselves several seconds after dying the first two times.
  • Each Dark Elf Mage may spawn up to three Skeletons. As long as the parent Dark Elf Mage is alive, it will revive any fallen Skeletons, including any nearby ones.


  • Because skeletons do not permanently die unless the Dark Elf Mage who summoned them are killed, it is best to make mages a higher priority than skeletons.
  • Skeletons laying on the ground still activate traps and consume aura HP. If a large group of skeletons are imminent, ensure that traps and (especially) auras are kept in good repair.
  • Skeletons when resurrecting are solid and invulnerable until the resurrection is complete. Be wary when charging large groups of enemies; skeletons may resurrect behind you, thus trapping you in the remaining group.
  • Bowling balls from Bowling Ball Turrets immediately break when hitting resurrecting skeletons.
  • If a Dark Elf Mage is against a wall and begins summoning skeletons, those skeletons may be summoned past your defenses.
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