The Sky City is the location of the fourth and last part of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards series, the Part 4: Sky City DLC.

It is a large aerial map surrounded by giant clouds and floating islands. Goblin Copters spawn here on all difficulty levels, and the Goblin Battlecruiser is fought here.

The city is divided into four sections — a large central area; a small, isolated area to the north; a medium-sized area to the east; and a small area to the south. A bridge connects the southern and eastern areas. Both players and enemies use the numerous air lifts to reach the different areas. Red colored disposal chutes instantly plummet heroes to their death.

Ground enemies spawn from the central area to attack the Eternia Crystals on the north, east and south sections.



Eternia Shard



  • If physical defenses are only built near the eastern crystal and all players stay near them, most of the enemies will path to the defenses. Regular ogres can be redirected away from the outer two crystals with very long-ranged Lightning and Deadly Striker Towers.
  • Use a combination of only traps, auras, and beams (excluding Physical Beams) to kill any enemies attempting to attack the outer crystals.
  • The former two tips make for a very effective strategy for Survival Mode.
  • During the boss fight, one player should always be watching over non-minion physical defenses. The Goblin Battlecruiser's bombs can quickly demolish your team's key defenses if no one is around to repair them.
  • For solo campaign runs, only use minions for physical defenses, since they can automatically heal themselves. You can also add Reflection Beams to reduce the amount of bombs that hit them.


  • Yellow colored air lifts spawn around the edges of the map during the boss wave. Players can utilize these to board the deck of the Goblin Battlecruiser.
  • Catarang can be found on the map as well. They behave like the Shroomites and Donkeys.


Usage Guide

DD Beta Sneak Peek Eternia Shards 4 - Sky City Crystal Dimension

DD Beta Sneak Peek Eternia Shards 4 - Sky City Crystal Dimension


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