The Spider is a creature that flings webs which severely slow towers and heroes hit. It was introduced in PC version 7.13 as a new enemy found in Mistymire Forest and on Nightmare Difficulty on the original maps.

They sling down from the trees on their weblines, often behind your defensive lines. The Spiders will then proceed to web up your Defenses, causing them to be much less effective, and then they'll come after you. When you're webbed, you're slowed, can't use abilities, and are vulnerable to a subsequent Spider jump attack. So they're nasty little creatures, not necessarily for the direct damage they do, but in terms of how much they can upend a traditionally-laid out defensive plan. The key to Spiders is to setup specific Defenses and Traps oriented to take them out, and to deal with any stragglers personally.

--Jeremy Stieglitz[1]

Like Wyverns, spiders do not come in from the main spawn points so separate defenses may be necessary. Spiders have their own unique spawn points, some of which may be near the standard spawn points, although generally not. On Mistymire Forest, there are at least 14 different spawn locations for spiders, only five of which are anywhere close to the Creep Doors and four of them are almost directly on top of the crystals.[2]


The spider has two attacks it uses on both heroes and defenses: lunges and webs. The spider occasionally jumps at its target and bites it on contact. This attack can be deadly to heroes, especially when he/she is webbed.

Spiders also hurl webs which entangles heroes and defenses hit for several seconds. The web reduces the fire rate of entangled towers and the movement and attack speed of entangled heroes by 90%. Heroes cannot activating any of their abilities while entangled. The webs also double the damage monsters do to the affected hero or tower.


  • Cover your towers, specifically those without a 360° range (Magic Missiles, Harpoon Turrets, etc).
    • This can be achieved by placing two towers facing each other or placing defenses that have 360 coverage nearby (minions, Huntress traps, Monk auras, etc).
  • On some maps, you might need to intervene in combat to pick off spiders during the first wave.
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