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The Spider is a pesky Nightmare enemy that flings webs to cripple heroes and defenses.

It was introduced with the first lost shard map: Mistymire Forest, where they spawn on all difficulty levels. Elsewhere, they are frequently encountered on Nightmare and Ascension.

They sling down from the trees on their weblines, often behind your defensive lines. The Spiders will then proceed to web up your Defenses, causing them to be much less effective, and then they'll come after you. When you're webbed, you're slowed, can't use abilities, and are vulnerable to a subsequent Spider jump attack. So they're nasty little creatures, not necessarily for the direct damage they do, but in terms of how much they can upend a traditionally-laid out defensive plan. The key to Spiders is to setup specific Defenses and Traps oriented to take them out, and to deal with any stragglers personally.

--Jeremy Stieglitz[1]


Like Wyverns, Spiders have their own spawn locations separate from all other ground enemies. They drop onto the map from above and immediately begin searching for a hero or defense to pester. On Mistymire Forest, there are at least 14 Spider drops, five of which are close to a Creep Door and four almost directly on top of an Eternia Crystal.[2]

Spiders lunge, bite and throw web balls to attack. They deal minor damage directly, but the webs entangle heroes and defenses caught in the splash radius. This temporary reduces their movement and attack speeds by 90% and doubles all damage recieved. Any active hero abilities are shut down and almost nothing from the Action Wheel can be used while the hero is webbed. Their jump height is also reduced for the web's duration.

Spiders are unable to damage Eternia Crystals whatsoever.


  • Be careful activating hero abilities with a long cooldown. A single Spider web can cut off a Blood Rage, Defense/Hero Boost, etc. early, long before they become too mana-costly to upkeep.
  • Many ranged pets used by a DPS hero, a Monk especially, can easily dispatch surrounding Spiders before they get a chance to web the player.
  • Cover your towers, specifically those without a 360° range (Magic Missiles, Fireballs, Harpoon Turrets, etc).
    • This can be achieved by placing two towers facing each other or placing defenses that have 360 coverage nearby (minions, traps, auras, etc).
    • On some maps, it might be affordable to place your towers up against natural walls. This reduces the amount of built coverage needed to deal with Spiders.
  • Reflection Beams and/or Ensnare Auras supported by a Strength Drain Aura or Darkness Trap are excellent at protecting physical defenses from Spider webs and buying time to kill the pests before they become a nuisance.