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The Spider Minion
Attack: Ranged
Special: Web, Lunge
Introduced: Summoner Hero DLC
The Spider Minion is a Summoner skill. It summons a crystalline variant of the Spider to the battlefield.

Spiders cost 5 MU to summon.


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Spider Minion attacks at melee range and unleashes webs that drastically reduces the fire rate of entangled enemies, reduces the movement and attack speed of them, and prevents entangled enemies from activating any of their abilities (e.g. Spider's web attack, Djinn's casting, Ogre's poison ball). Any entangled monsters take DOUBLE damage from your towers and heroes.

The Spider Minion's lunge attack also allows it to rapidly engage enemies in melee from a short distance.

The Spider Minion's basic attacks do poison damage.

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