The Spider Queen is the first boss of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards campaign. She is encountered in Mistymire Forest.

Purple Eternia Shard

Like every boss, the Spider Queen has a weakness. While all damage sources deal significantly less damage than their original amount (amount of damage reduction varies with each difficulty setting), it is possible to increase damage done by attacking her crystal core when it is exposed. This can be done by killing the spiders she summons.

Defeating the Spider Queen will unlock the Purple Eternia Shard.

Apprentice and Squire towers can be physically pushed around by the Spider Queen, however Huntress traps and Monk auras will not move.


The Spider Queen fights at close range, stabbing and webbing her target. She can also summon spiders around her. The queen has very high damage reduction which depends on the difficulty setting. More damage can be dealt to her by killing the spiders she summons. Doing so will cause her to slump to the ground for a few seconds, exposing the purple crystal in front.

At half health, the queen emits a red glow, speeding up attack animations and increasing damage.

Defeating the Spider Queen rewards players the Purple Eternia Shard.

Nightmare HP

Note that she also seems to regenerate health on NM difficulty.

Players HP (Millions)
1 51
2 56
3 74
4 123


DD - Boss fight Spider queen

DD - Boss fight Spider queen

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